Wednesday 27th July 2016,

Bad Piggies


Part of the popular Angry Birds series, “Bad Piggies” recently received an update which brought a total of 36 new levels to the fun spin-off series. This unique game lets players take on the defensive Angry Birds and features several new earnable achievements throughout the game. Best of all, gamers can easily find places to play Angry Birds Bad Piggies online!

A Different Style of Game

Unlike previous Angry Birds releases, Bad Piggies focuses on the antics of the pigs as they sneak past the Angry Birds to snatch their eggs. The goal is to not make too much noise and beat the clock in 30 “Flight in the Night” levels. Also included in the game is 6 Road Hogs racing levels, where players can try to navigate through various levels as quickly as possible.

Angry Birds Bad Piggies Sandbox Feature

Another unique and interesting aspect of this game is the sandbox feature. This feature allows players to create custom stages to play in the game. Each sandbox stage is unlocked as the players complete various levels throughout the game. These levels are even unlockable as you play Angry Birds Bad Piggies online! Players can also earn extra parts and tricky boxes as they play through the levels to make each sandbox more interesting.

How to Play Angry Birds Bad Piggies Online

It is easy to play Angry Birds Bad Piggies online. Rather than using a touch screen like the player would on a phone, players simply use the mouse to control their piggy through each level. Keys can also be assigned on the keyboard for movement throughout the game if the player does not wish to use a mouse. The game plays exactly like the app version. Plus, this gives players a larger screen to work with when playing rather than having to focus on a smaller mobile or tablet size screen.