Sunday 24th July 2016,

Angry Birds Online



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you have more than likely heard about the popular game Angry Birds. This was an app that was originally created by Rovio Entertainment, and it was meant to be a small game that would last a short duration just to give players an app to kill time in waiting rooms and at airports, that sort of stuff. However, it became more popular than ever expected. This led to several versions of the game being created.

Online Play

Angry birds can actually be played online, so you don’t need to buy the app to experience this game. The levels that are featured are just like the ones found in the app that was originally created, and it is easy to get help when needed since you are already online. It’s a great way to kill time, and you may even finding yourself becoming addicted to it like so many players before you!

How To Play

For new players, this isn’t a very hard game to get. The objective is simple — knock over the enemy structures so that you can kill them and earn points. If the pigs fall from high up or have something heavy land on them, they will die. Kill every pig to beat the level.

You start out with simple red birds that don’t have any additional effects, but there are other types of birds that you will have available over time. Some explode on impact, while others break into smaller birds or zoom across the screen extremely fast. You don’t get to choose the birds you use, or the order that they are used in, so plan accordingly.

You can get different awards depending on how many points you score. Additional extra birds provide point bonuses. Get enough points, and you could even end up taking home the gold! This is the goal that many hardcore players set for themselves. However, it doesn’t matter what award you get if you just want to move on, as long as you kill all the pigs.